Whooping WAP!

In Mobile marketing today, everyone has their eye on CPI campaigns and app marketing for Android or iOS, but there’s a huge paycheck that many are ignoring, here are a few great things about WAP offers:

  • Stability- while you have to check on your CPI campaigns day by day for constant changes in geo targeting, payouts and campaign shut downs, WAP campaigns are far more stable. This allows far less maintenance, and you can set up campaigns and let the lie while the payouts come in.
  • Efficiency- Besides your piece of mind, stability has another great plus: it allows you to target traffic more specifically for higher CR, and therefore: higher margins for you. Many times you can also find targeting tips in the campaign description to make it even easier.
  • ROI- Because of the higher efficiency, your costs go down. On the other end of the equation, your payouts can be a lot higher! WAP offers usually rely on real engagement, not just download, this means that the risk for the advertiser is low, and he can afford high payouts. Payouts for WAP offers can go as high as $10-$15.

So let’s summarize. WAP offers are Stable, Efficient and have high payouts, the result is that investing in setting them up and optimizing can result in a steady stream of high revenues at low costs. Jackpot!

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