The year of the Asian markets in mobile

Even if you’ve never been east of LA, you’ve probably noticed that 2014 looks like the year of the Asian markets in mobile.

With slower growth and higher saturation in English speaking, and Western European countries, Asia still has lots of room to grow.

Many mobile marketers are deterred by the Asian markets due to language barriers, unfamiliarity with content and above all- low margins.

For all of these, there is one clear answer- VOLUME. Just check out these stats below, and you’ll find all the reasons to invest more in Asian focused campaigns:

  • Wandoujia lands an investment of $120M to become China’s no. 1 App Store. With over 300 million installs, it’s making it’s way to top China’s App Store market.
  • Distimo has reported that 41% of all App Marketplace revenue last month has been from Asia, beating North America and Western Europe by a mile. South Korea beat the charts with the highest growth- 271%!
  • What can you do to take a bite of the action? Try out more campaigns! Check out your ClicksMob dashboard for offers that focus in S. Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Macau! It may take some adjustment, but we forsee that 2014 will bring a lot more of those, and those who know publishers who know how to create traffic in SEA will be on top!

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