The year of the Asian markets in mobile

Even if you’ve never been east of LA, you’ve probably noticed that 2014 looks like the year of the Asian markets in mobile.

With slower growth and higher saturation in English speaking, and Western European countries, Asia still has lots of room to grow.

Many mobile marketers are deterred by the Asian markets due to language barriers, unfamiliarity with content and above all- low margins.

For all of these, there is one clear answer- VOLUME. Just check out these stats below, and you’ll find all the reasons to invest more in Asian focused campaigns:

  • Wandoujia lands an investment of $120M to become China’s no. 1 App Store. With over 300 million installs, it’s making it’s way to top China’s App Store market.
  • Distimo has reported that 41% of all App Marketplace revenue last month has been from Asia, beating North America and Western Europe by a mile. South Korea beat the charts with the highest growth- 271%!
  • What can you do to take a bite of the action? Try out more campaigns! Check out your ClicksMob dashboard for offers that focus in S. Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Macau! It may take some adjustment, but we forsee that 2014 will bring a lot more of those, and those who know publishers who know how to create traffic in SEA will be on top!

Conference season!

So Christmas and New Years are far behind, Easter is still a long way away- making right now… conference season!

We’re packing our bags, suspending newspaper subscriptions and getting our boarding cards ready to travel to the hottest mobile events this February, and we’d love to meet you there- here’s a breakdown of where we’re going to be, please reach out at [email protected]and let us know if you’ll be around, come by for a drink or a coffee, we’d love to meet you!

  • Apps World North America 2014Booth 219 on February 5-6th 2014 (and on Friday, Feb 7th we’ll be in NYC!)
  • Casual Connect Amsterdam We’ll be there! February 11th- February 13th
  • MWC- Mobile World Congress Booth 8.1 K16 on February 23-27th 2014

Whooping WAP!

In Mobile marketing today, everyone has their eye on CPI campaigns and app marketing for Android or iOS, but there’s a huge paycheck that many are ignoring, here are a few great things about WAP offers:

  • Stability- while you have to check on your CPI campaigns day by day for constant changes in geo targeting, payouts and campaign shut downs, WAP campaigns are far more stable. This allows far less maintenance, and you can set up campaigns and let the lie while the payouts come in.
  • Efficiency- Besides your piece of mind, stability has another great plus: it allows you to target traffic more specifically for higher CR, and therefore: higher margins for you. Many times you can also find targeting tips in the campaign description to make it even easier.
  • ROI- Because of the higher efficiency, your costs go down. On the other end of the equation, your payouts can be a lot higher! WAP offers usually rely on real engagement, not just download, this means that the risk for the advertiser is low, and he can afford high payouts. Payouts for WAP offers can go as high as $10-$15.

So let’s summarize. WAP offers are Stable, Efficient and have high payouts, the result is that investing in setting them up and optimizing can result in a steady stream of high revenues at low costs. Jackpot!

ClicksMob New Website

When we set out on this Journey, We had no idea what to expect. We knew that this is the age of mobile, and that if we can drive real value, we have a viable business on our hands, but we had no idea just how fast we would grow.

Quickly, our team tripled, we visited 15 different mobile events around the world in nine months, have been joined by hundreds of publishers a month with thousands of campaigns. I guess we’re trying to say that we’ve made it to the big league. Our website however hasn’t.

Far behind in the realm of lean start up decision making, we decided to put our effort into our system and not into the frills and design of it all, we know it’s time now, so we’re taking it up a notch.

Our new website is a product of our work together with a top web design Agency, Pumika Designs. At the center of the site is the idea that mobile advertising should be fast simple and deliver value. That’s why we chose the paper plane as our icon- “anyone can do it”.

We wanted to convey all the info on ClicksMob- our offer, or teams and our competitive advantages. Most of all, we wanted to talk about value-the value that we drive to our advertisers and the revenues we drive to our publishers.

This is only the first step. Next in line for a design face lift is our Publisher and Advertiser dashboard, more information, in a simpler and easier way, so that you can have more control and better UI, following that by mid 2014 we’re going to launch a mobile app for our publishers so that you can stay on top of things wherever you are.

Ideas? Feedback on the new website? Let us know! [email protected]